Bathroom Remodeling Permits

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Bathroom remodeling projects require careful planning and preparation to complete successfully. One of the aspects that many first-time remodelers might not consider when undertaking this venture is permit application. If your remodeling plans extend beyond simple aesthetics, you will need a permit to tackle several tasks. 

What Permits do Bathroom Remodels Need? 

Permit requirements vary when dealing with Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling projects. Federal and state administrations don’t have a set standard when it comes to this venture. The presence of an HOA in your neighborhood can also determine the kind of permission you need to conduct your activities. 

As a general rule of thumb, any activities that involve significant changes to the plumbing setup, electrical wiring, or load-bearing walls will require a permit. If you want to move the bathtub from one area to another, for example, you’ll need to significantly alter the plumbing to meet these needs – and this would require a permit. 

Permit Application 

Applying for a permit isn’t necessarily a complicated process and you just have to fill in the details regarding your activities in the application papers and pay the fees involved. Once a permit has been issued you’ll also need to schedule an inspection from the building authorities. An established contractor will handle all permit requirements on your behalf, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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