Applying for a Permit With Your Deck

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f you’re thinking about adding a deck to your house, the first thing to clarify is whether there are any official processes involved with constructing such an extension. Some of the elements that might determine whether you need such permission include: 

Compliance with Building Codes and Standards 

One of the main reasons you might need a permit for your deck is when such additions are expected to meet specific codes and standards. Established deck builders can provide you with a certified inspector who will help you identify what requirements are needed with your construction. Failure to meet these requirements can cost you a hefty fine and lead to the demolition of your deck

Applying for a Deck Permit 

In most cases, applying for a permit isn’t a complicated process and can be easily accomplished with the help of your contractor. The procedure involves the submission of two copies of scale drawings of your deck’s framing plan. The plan will need to indicate the location and positioning of your beams, joists, and frost footings. 

There are some special cases where you might not need a permit for your deck. Decks that aren’t attached to the home or positioned in front of the house’s entrance/exit might not need a deck. If you’re looking for reliable deck contractors in your area, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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