Adding Shade Solutions to Your Deck

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Your deck can be easily transformed into a rest and relaxation enclave with a few remodeling changes. One of the easiest ways you can accomplish this objective is by providing this section with sufficient shade, protecting against the hottest parts of the day. Some useful shade solutions you can implement with your porch include: 

Going Green 

If you’re open to a long-term commitment you choose to grow a variety of trees and foliage to provide natural shade. This eco-friendly solution not only provides a shade solution but improves the air in the surrounding area as well. Some of the faster-growing trees include weeping willows and American sycamores. 

Buying a Patio Table Umbrella 

If you’re looking for shade solutions that don’t involve deck builders, you can always provide shade through the furniture. Patio table umbrellas, for instance, come in varying sizes and can efficiently handle any small coverage needs involved with limited space. You can add two or three umbrellas where bigger spaces are involved. 

Installing Sun Sails 

If you’re going for a more elegant look, installing sun or shade sails can achieve a waxing and waning effect that can have a tropical lighting effect on the surroundings. The success of the sun sails, however, will rely on the positioning of your deck. We offer the best creative shading solutions for your deck, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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