4 Common Things To Avoid That Can Ruin Your Deck

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Everybody wants their deck to stay in good shape. However, some everyday actions can ruin your deck, and you won’t even notice.

Follow our guide to avoid such things and prolong the useful life of your decks.

  1. Rusty furniture

Letting the moisture in for extended periods can result in rust buildup over metal furniture. This rust can leave ugly stains on your deck that are very hard to clean.

  1. Organic debris

Falling leaves are natural. However, when these leaves clump with moisture, they can stick to your deck surface and even result in mold buildup. Trust us, that’s something you’d never want.

  1. Using metal shovel

Most decks are strong enough to bear the weight of heavy snow. If you still wish to clean up, using a metal shovel isn’t good. You don’t want dents and scratches all over the surface.

  1. Aggressive cleaning

Too much of anything is bad. The same goes for cleaning. If you use aggressive high-pressure cleaning or bleach-based products, your deck will soon lose its integrity.


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